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Local Support

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Advice from Mental Health Foundation

Some helpful advice on how to look after your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak. There are podcasts, videos, inspiring stories and information about getting help if you're struggling.

Guidance on mental health and wellbeing

This guidance from the Church of England aims to help those who are offering pastoral support to better understand the sorts of mental health and wellbeing issues that individuals within their communities might be experiencing and offer support.

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Therapy Session


Wellbeing CBT

 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy based on the theory that thoughts, emotions, behaviour and physical symptoms are all connected.


Cheshire Wellbeing CBT was set up by four friends with many years of experience in delivering CBT to people from all walks of life. Their aim is to deliver affordable workshops that enable people to develop the skills and understand the tools that will help them to improve their emotional wellbeing. 

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